Dongguan threesome Reflective Material Co., founded in 2007 , is a professional high-performance retro-reflective material research , development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Has a number of highly qualified professionals, the introduction of advancedproduction equipment , and always adhere to the " rigorous and realistic, confident andinnovative, no one I have, I am fine ," the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to the " man under the sun , wind and rain to work , and serve as c..


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  • Reflector
  • Reflective
  • Retro-reflective
  • Fusing reflective
  • TPU reflective
  • PVC leather leather series highlighting AV clothing | shoes with reflective material

  • PU leather leather series highlighting SRX3002-1

  • Pu leather series 0.8 bottomless bubble bright leather SRX3001-2

  • Leather series highlighting PVC leather SRC3002 (A)

  • Leather series flash silver PUSRX3005-1 (1)

  • Pu Liang PVC leather leather series SRC3002 (A)

  • Silver leather PVC leather SRX3003 Series

  • Pu Liang PU leather leather series SRX3001-1

  • TC cloth fabric SRX2002 series highlighting super-reflective material

  • Chemical fabric cloth series highlighting SRX2002-1

  • TC SRX2003 Series satin cloth super-reflective material

  • Poor light polyester fabric cloth series SRX2001-1

  • Cloth Series Pu Liang TC SRX2001 super-reflective material

  • Cloth series satin polyester fabric SRX2003-1 super-reflective material...

  • Sprinkle silver fiber cloth cloth series super-reflective material

  • Film Series SRX1003-1 super-reflective material

  • Film Series SRX1002 super grade reflective material

  • Film Series SRX1003 super grade reflective material safety facilities | Traffic Signs luminous film

  • Poor light fuse blown film SRX6001 Series

  • SRX6003 Series satin blown fuse high quality reflective material

  • Fuse blown film series highlighting the high quality reflective material SRX6002

  • Blown fuse SRX6005 series of high-quality flash silver reflective material

  • TPU series highlighting SRX5003-3 clothing | shoes with reflective material

  • TPU Series Silver SRX5001-3 clothing | shoes with reflective material

  • TPU Series SRX5003-5 Clothing | Shoes with reflective material

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Let's put on a good old man's shoes and go for a walk.!

Let's put on a good old man's shoes and go for a walk.!


Age is never a reason to bind oneself. No matter how old you are, you should smile purely in the most authentic way. Love life, such as: take advantage of the flowers blooming just right, put on the footwear of the elderly, come on a walk-and-talk journey!   Travel is not only natural, but also light. The elderly want to have a light and comfortable travel, we need to put an end to the following 4 major travel problems. One. Tired feet  It should be easy to travel, shoes are not selected, feet are like lead. Mountaineering and walking is the best choice for comfortable elderly shoes. Shoes for the elderly: light EVA, small granules, ultra light foam sole, foam like texture, light float, and built in 3D polymer dynamic shock ring, such as a small spring for the sole. Springback while walking, provides a continuous driving power for the sole. Two. Foot slippery Lingering in the south of the Yangtze River, with an oil paper..


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